This is part of an educational tool providing a turtle robot for use in educating people about programming. It is controlled by the arrow keys, z,x. Z is select and x is back.

Please read the Lesson on algorithms, test your knowledge in the simulator. Do as much as you can/want to.

Instruction Explanation

  • MOVF Moves the robot Forward the number of pixels selected
  • MOVB Moves the robot Backward the number of pixels selected
  • TURN Turns the robot by the specified number of degrees
  • RSTDIR Resets the direction of the robot so it is pointing down.
  • LOOP/END When loop is selected you then choose how many times you want the instructions you are about to input to be repeated. For example selecting LOOP then 3 then MOVF then 5 then END will move the turtle forward 5 pixels 3 times. You can use different instruction types in a loop.
  • PENUP/PENDOWN Instantly changes if the pen is up or down. If the pen is down the robot will leave a line behind it as it moves.
  • To reset the canvas press enter and select reset

Lesson on Algorithms

An algorithm is a process you can follow to solve a known problem. For example the algorithm to draw a square is as follows:

  • Do 4 times:
  • Move pen forwards
  • Turn 90 degrees

Try using this to draw a square in the simulator.

Can you think of an algorithm to draw a circle? Try experimenting and see if you can.

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